Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Jan 03 2020

Where to find them?

Alaskan Silver Salmon prefer the tranquil areas of rivers, lakes, and streams for their ideal habitat as they have a dislike for fast-moving water. Water is typically much slower near the banks making this the best place to find Silvers. Silvers commonly swim in schools 10-20 feet deep so fishing from the shore or in the direction of the shoreline proves most beneficial. The Kenai River is known for its large amounts of Alaskan Silver Salmon and maybe one of the best locations for a successful fishing experience.

Physical Features

The Alaskan Silver Salmon has been known to weigh up to 20 pounds, however, the average is closer to 10 pounds. As its name suggests, the overall base color of the fish contains different shades and tints of silver which covers the fish from head to tail. A dark silver color will be found on its back, while the fins are transparent. The average length of the Silver Salmon typically reaches 25 inches but in ideal environments, they can be found quite a bit larger.

Best-bet Bait

Bright spoons, spinners, flies, night-crawlers, salmon eggs, crawdads, and very small fish are all well-trusted options for fishermen with hopes of snagging a Silver. Opt for small or medium-sized lures as these sizes generally offer the most success. Heavyweights are not necessary as you’ll likely choose to drift along shallow waters.

Fishing Techniques

The month of August is prime time for Silvers on the Kenai River, however, they can be caught in winter months and in early Spring. To increase the odds of hooking a Silver, some of the most effective methods involve trolling or drifting near the shore while utilizing the technique of provoking aggression which is achieved by jerking the line frequently. Because of their aggressive feeding behavior, another popular option is fly fishing. Whichever method you choose, be prepared for a hard fight and a very rewarding battle.