Deposits & Cancellation Policy:


There is a 50% deposit required within 15 days of confirming your reservation dates. The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your trip.

Refunds for fishing, lodging, and any other excursions

Deposits and final payments are not refundable unless the cancelling party can fill the dates with an equal or greater package from themselves or another party. There will be no partial refunds for late arrivals or early departures. Alaska Fish On Charters reserves the right to reschedule any trip during a stay that was delayed or canceled due to weather or any other scheduling conflicts. Alaska Fish On Charters is not responsible for any emergency decision made by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or by Acts of mother nature or Government decision on your end or ours. If you do not believe that you can meet your reservation obligation, we urge you to obtain travel insurance or some other form of insurance. We recommend this insurance. 

Health Concerns:

The trips offered by Alaska Fish on Charters are adventure travel – whether it be Rafting, Bear Viewing, Wade fishing in any river, Boat Fishing or sightseeing there is an assumption of risk and all guests will be required to sign an assumption of risk form prior to participation.
Any guest that has special needs, illness or any abilities that may restrict them from doing these activities, It is their responsibility to provide Prior, written notification of any health concerns or any disabilities needs that any guest may have, that may affect their trip, and to inform Alaska Fish on Charters said concerns, and to confirm that we can accommodate those special needs.