The season for Alaska Lingcod Fishing opens July 1st and we continue to fish for Ling Cod through October. The limit is 2 per person, per day. In order to keep a Ling Cod, it must be 35″ in length.

These monsters are truly the “Wolves of the Sea”. They have huge mouths full of teeth and can exceed 70 lbs. These are very aggressive fish with plenty of attitude. Every year we catch Lingcod that top 60 lbs and numerous other fish over 50 lbs. Join us for an amazing experience for Alaska Lingcod Fishing and see what makes these fish unique and exciting.

Weighing over more than 70 lbs often, the monstrous lingcod is one of the most sought-after fish next to the great salmon you can find in the freezing cold waters of Wild Alaska. No wonder Alaska lingcod fishing is such a popular activity here.

To see and catch them in the middle of a choppy ocean is an experience to remember for the adventure buffs who have visited Alaska over the decades with the simple dream of Alaska Lingcod fishing.

On your Alaska lingcod fishing trip, you’ll experience that these monsters are truly aggressive. So, to take control and land them on your boat is a serious affair, where your skill really does matter.

An adrenaline rush is guaranteed! The attitude of not giving up easily makes this particular species of fish popular among the visitors. If you have the courage it takes, go for the challenge of Alaska Lingcod fishing.

You don’t need to be a pro. The only thing you need is to keep the dream alive. Choose anyone from the fishing guide services available, go with them and fulfill your wish. The challenge this monster fish throws to you will ensure the thrills you always dreamt of about Wild Alaska.

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