Choosing a Place?

Most trips out of Homer and Seward are a 2 to 3 hr boat ride each direction to get to the fishing grounds so if you don’t want a long boat ride we will send you out of Anchor point or Deep creek. The boat ride out of Anchor point or Deep creek is a half hr to 45 minutes and the fishing is just as great for halibut. We do not do combos for halibut, lingcod & rockfish out of these 2 areas, but we do offer them out of Homer or Seward because you have to travel a ways for them. We do fish a combo in the Month of May that includes king salmon and halibut out of Anchor point & Deep creek because we will intercept king salmon heading for the rivers. Please ask about what area would be best for you to fish out of when you call to make your reservations.

Types of Fish: Miscellaneous Fin Fish

There are several miscellaneous species of fish that we can catch on any typical charter, such as Pacific True Cod, Kelp Greenlings, Dolly Varden, and Salmon Sharks. These are excellent tasting fish. There are a couple of other species that we can catch that aren’t considered good table fare, such as Skates, Irish Lords, and Sand Sharks.