If you get excited about Alaska Trout fishing, you’ve got to set aside a day to take a trophy Trout trip on the Kenai River. Rainbow Trout can weigh anywhere from 2 lbs to 20 + lbs and you will catch as many as 20 to 30 per person in a day. We begin fishing for Rainbows on June 15th and fish through the end of October. We can’t say enough about this fishery; you have to experience it to understand why we get excited just talking about it. For many, this is one of the personal favorites of our Alaska Fishing Charters, and many wonderful memories are made during this trip.

Though the giant salmons and the amazing bears are the star attractions of the Alaskan wild trout fishing Alaska in the middle of the scenic Kenai is one of those other wonderful options to make fun and glory for the adventure lovers around the globe.

To see and catch those Rainbow trout will add a new dimension for sure to your adventure tour in Alaska. If you miss the opportunity of Trout fishing Alaska you will find yourself a couple of steps behind while exploring the country.

If you are new in this part of the world and have a dream to experience the astonishing adventure of Trout fishing Alaska then no need to worry about it. Avail any of the fishing guide services and chase your dream.

Listen to your guide on your trout fishing Alaska trip and feel the thrill while catching those trophy-sized trout in the freezing cold water of the incredible Kenai. After all, this is what you wanted when you planned the trip!

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