Some Advice to Help You Prepare For Your Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip

Jan 03 2020

Speaking in technical terms, Halibuts are admiral fish and are highly regarded by the culinary world for its edible qualities. Halibut fishing is not so much a big battle, as it is in just lifting the fish to the surface. However, if you are planning an Alaska Halibut Fishing trip, here are some tips and pieces of advice that will definitely help you prepare for what lies ahead:

Baits for Halibut Fishing

Halibuts are not picky eaters and as such, they will be ready to ingest anything they can find. For your trip, choose bait that attracts halibuts, such as live squid, octopus, guts or mackerel heads. You can also choose the artificial baits such as plastic fish colored like a sardine and anchovy.

Halibut Fishing Gears

There are so many fishing gears available in the market for having a safe and easy Alaska Halibut Fishing trip experience:

Circle hooks for halibut fishing: It is a type of fishhook, which is sharply curved in a circular shape which makes it easy to catch any fish. Circle hooks are an excellent choice for Alaska Halibut Fishing trips because they allow for a passive approach and work very effectively when used with the correct technique. Skirt, hookies and beads are the little extras that are used to dress up the halibut circle hooks. They are important. Skirts that glow are ideal for halibuts.
Crimping tools: a crimping tool is one of the best things to buy for halibut fishing because it helps you in assembling some professional halibut rigs.
Bait injectors: It is the secret weapon used to make Alaska Halibut fishing trips successful. There are many injectors available for halibut fishing but the best one is the magnum injector. It is a large squeeze bottle with a surgical needle on the top. You can pour your favorite scent in it and then inject it into your bait.

Assembling Halibut Rigs

To make the perfect halibut-fishing rig you will need about 3’of 200lb leader, a circle hook, 2 crimps, a bead, and a skirt.

Halibut Fishing Techniques

Anchoring while halibut fishing: anchoring is one of the fundamentals of halibut fishing. After being anchored, you will gain benefits of not drifting, reducing the chances of snagging the bottom, and will also get the benefit of creating a large scent slick from your baits that will draw in halibut from a wide area.
Circle hook halibut fishing technique: Circle hook halibut fishing technique is an art to perform because it is easy and allows you to catch a break if you want.

Landing Halibuts

Halibut is a powerful fish so you need to be careful. If you will release the large fish then you can bring it alongside and cut the hook free but if you have a skirt on it then try and drag the skirt up the leader before you cut the lines. If the halibut is small then you can easily grab the spreader bar and the 200lb leader and lift the fish into the boat.

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