What to Pack for a Fishing Trip in Alaska

There are several things you need to pack before getting started with your Alaska fishing trip. Here is a list of some of the essentials:

  • Water Proof Boots or Shoes: This is one of the first things you would want to pack on your fishing trip to Alaska as it will help keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Rain gear best you can afford: It is difficult to predict the weather for a fishing vacation that may take weeks or even months. As such, it would be a good idea to pack some of the best rain gear you can buy so that you can fish without getting soaked. We have some rain gear here so if you can’t afford to buy good gear or do not have access to some we can help you out.
  • Polarized sunglasses: When the sun is out it can be hard on the eyes. That’s why it is important to carry sunglasses that block the sun and allow you to see comfortably.
  • Snacks and drinks: Feel free to pack a lunch and assorted drinks sometimes the trips will take a full day to obtain the fish you are looking for so it is always good to pack a lunch to keep you going.
  • Camera: There are moments worth capturing when you’re on your fishing trip as a picture last longer then a memory and Alaska has plenty of serene landscape or an encounter with local wildlife.
  • Other things you may want to pack include warm clothing, waterproof bags, a warm hat and fingerless gloves.

What Do I Need for a Halibut Charter? Do I need to bring fishing gear?

No! We have the most advanced and well-equipped fishing gear so when you are fishing with us we supply all gear.

Are There Any Items Not Allowed On a Charter?

  • Liquor: We don’t mind a little drinking but drunken is not allowed.
  • Jewelry: We do not recommend wearing jewelry while on your fishing trip as you take a chance of loosing it.
  • Weapons: We supply all the equipment to keep you safe while on your trip so there is no need to bring any weapons to Alaska if you are fishing on your own we have pepper spray for one to use while hiking in the woods or fishing on your own.
  • Alaska is a felt free state, so please no felt wading shoes are allowed. Please bring lugged soled wading boots. Cleats or studs are not allowed on the float planes or boats as they tear up the floors and pontoons.

What Food Should I Bring on a Fishing Trip?

The type of food will vary from one person to another. Nonetheless, it is highly encouraged that you carry food that’s high in protein, water, and some soft drinks.

What Are the Usual Temperatures During an Alaskan Summer?

May is usually the driest month in Alaska. By July, temperatures can be as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But this can sometimes go up to 90. Temperatures in the coastal regions and higher elevations rarely go beyond 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Do Alaskan Fishermen Typically Wear?

  • Fishermen in Alaska fishermen typically wear the following:
  • Waterproof wadding jacket
  • Breathable waders
  • Base layer tops
  • Wool sweaters

If you’re ready to book your fishing charter adventure with Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter, contact us today! We can answer any questions concerning what you need to bring on your next fishing excursion with us.