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Why Choose Homer, Alaska for Halibut Charters or Fishing Trips

Homer is known as the “halibut fishing capital of the world”. Alaska halibuts are some of the most sought after fish in the world. People like the moist and flakey texture of the fish. The halibuts’ weight here ranges between 10 lbs. to 410 lbs. So choose halibut charters in Homer, Alaska to get the […]

The Thing with Halibut Fishing in Alaska

In recent years, Alaska has gained the reputation of being one of the finest fishing destinations in the world. It attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers from all over the continent, and there are some obvious reasons for that. The first one is Alaska’s unavoidable scenic beauty. No nature lover can ignore Alaska’s unaltered natural […]

Using the Internet to Find Alaska Halibut Fishing Packages

Planning to go on a fishing trip in the coming days? Want to explore the waters other than the nearby creek or lake just outside your city? How about fishing for exquisite Halibuts in the gorgeous land of Alaska? Sound like an adventure you wish to be on? Here is how you can make it […]

Why Salmon Fishing in Alaska is an Adventure?

One of the most popular fish for catching and eating, which thrives in Alaskan waters, is salmon. These fishes are born in freshwater lakes and streams, and then they travel to oceans to live their lives. When fishing in Alaska, one can choose to fish salmon in freshwater or saltwater depending on your preference. In […]

Some Advice to Help You Prepare For Your Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip

Speaking in technical terms, Halibuts are admiral fish and are highly regarded by the culinary world for its edible qualities. Halibut fishing is not so much a big battle, as it is in just lifting the fish to the surface. However, if you are planning an Alaska Halibut Fishing trip, here are some tips and […]

4 Best Halibut Fish Catching Tips For The Beginners

If you are a big fan of halibut fishing, then you must visit the fresh and salt water streams of Alaska. These streams are loaded with the most amazing halibut, which encourage world-class anglers to try their luck to catch the biggest fish. As halibut are abundant in Alaska, there are numerous techniques that can […]

Alaska Fishing Packages Will Make Your Life Easy

Planning a vacation trip is quite easy but implementing it is highly difficult, especially, if it is a fishing trip to Alaska. While planning an Alaska fishing trip, one has to consider several elements. When you are taking your family on a fishing trip, then you must consider everything from fishing locations to the accommodation […]

Hiring Fishing tour providers in Alaska Make Sense

If you are a fishing enthusiast, but do not know much about fishing in Alaska, then you must choose a fishing tour provider in Alaska. Fishing tour providers in Alaska not only offers the best opportunity to catch the biggest fishes, but also provide complete well-maintained accommodation facilities to the visitors. They encourage fishing enthusiasts […]

Enjoy king salmon fishing adventure in Alaska

King salmon is the most popular and abundantly found fish species in Alaska. By the way King salmon is the Alaska’s state fish. King salmon is the largest of the native five species of Alaska salmon. It has the greatest amount of Omega-3 oil, and found in almost everywhere in Alaskan streams. Because of its […]

Alaska Fishing Packages by Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter

For those who love to fish, there really is nothing quite like an Alaska fishing package from Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter. At Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter, we know that no two fishing trips are ever exactly the same, which is why we offer Alaska fishing packages that we know will turn your Alaska fishing vacation […]