Alaska Salmon Fishing

Choosing a Place

Alaska Salmon FishingThe scenic Kenai River is the location for most of Alaska Salmon Fishing freshwater trips. This prime fishing location is filled Trophy-sized King Salmon along with thousands of Red Salmon, Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon and don’t forget about the Trophy Trout whose average sizes make them worthy of becoming your next prize catch. The destination of each charter will be determined on where the fishing will be the best. The Kenai river is around 82 miles long and holds some of the best fishing in the World. The Kenai river is visited every year by thousands of people wanting to stock their freezers full of some of the finest fish man can get anywhere. The Kenai river is not just a fisher mans paradise it also holds incredible wildlife-viewing opportunities present at every river bend.

You will have the chance to witness moose, bear, an array of birds, and many other native creatures along the banks but most importantly, the freshwater fishing along the river goes unmatched in all of Alaska. Our guides are experts on prime fishing areas, time of day, season, and how to maximize your fishing experience. The odds are in your favor that the Kenai River will be the location for your most memorable Alaskan Salmon Fishing experience. If you know that you want a Alaska Salmon Fishing trip but don’t know what type you would to fish for then just ask us and we would be happy to tell you about what kind of fish to fish for and what time of the year you can catch them. We want everyone to feel that they can trust us in helping them plan a trip that will give them memories that will last a life time so please leave the worries up to us and enjoy your stay in Alaska.