Alaskan tides are the 2nd largest and fastest in the World. There can be as much as 28 feet of water moving through the Kachemak Bay and the Cook Inlet waters in a 6-hour period. We have 2 complete sets of tides in a 24-hour period. We have two floods and two ebb tides. The transition time between the end of the flood and the start of the ebb tide is called the slack tide.

One thing to consider when planning a fishing trip in the saltwater is the amount of water moving on the day you’ve chosen. These minus tides can sometimes produce some of our biggest fish if fished right. The best thing to do is listen to your captain, he is out there every day and knows how to fish the big tides, the fish move more on the bigger tides you just have less fishing time so pay close attention to everything he tells you. This makes for a great trip!

Processing Your Catch

After a successful day of fishing, we bring your fish back to the docks and fillet your fish (free of charge) Gratuities are appreciated. We will bag your fish and you can take it with you back to the lodge where it will be processed by means of vacuum packing and freezing. When you are ready to head back to the States the fish will then be put in an airport-approved box and you can put it on the airlines with you or you can choose to have it shipped directly to your doorstep on the day that you choose to have it shipped.

NoteA halibut fillets out at approximately 50% of its live weight and salmon at around 60% of its live weight.

The following is pricing from the company we highly recommend in Homer, Coal Point Seafoods. We also use processing companies in Anchor point when we fish our clients out of there or you can bring your fish back to the lodging in Kenai unless you choose to stay in Homer or Seward while fishing for Halibut.

Processing Your Catch at the Lodge

Vacuum Pack & Freezing



Federal Express Shipping
Overnight Boxed Weight Anwhere in the USA, Right to Your Door
20 LBS (FedEx prices subject to change)


30 LBS (FedEx prices subject to change)


40 LBS (FedEx prices subject to change)


50 LBS (FedEx prices subject to change)

$175.00 to $225.00

100 LBS (FedEx prices subject to change)


50 lbs (X $.80Ea #) Vacuum Pack & Freeze


1 Large Box


3 Gel Ice


Fed Ex Shipping (Total Boxed Weight 59 lbs)




Total (With Tax)




Small 12#$15.00
Mini Medium 20#$20.00
Medium 35#$20.00
Large 50#


Fishing License Fees
Resident:Annual License $15.00King Salmon Stamp $10.00
Non Resident:1 Day License $20.00
3 Day License $35.00
7 Day License $55.00
14 Day License $80.00
Annual License $145.00
King Salmon Stamp $10.00
King Salmon Stamp $20.00
King Salmon Stamp $30.00
King Salmon Stamp $50.00
King Salmon Stamp $100.00
Under 16 years old: A harvest card is required instead of a fishing license and is free.