Alaska Glacier Cruises

Alaska glacier cruises are a great alternative for the non-fishing enthusiast! Are you going to be traveling with a party that is split on the desire to go fishing? We will be more than happy to help you plan a day trip for the wife or friends who don’t care to go fishing. Two of the most popular tourist attractions in Alaska are glacier cruises and bear viewing.

Alaska glacier cruiseRelax in splendor with 360-degree views of the untamed beauty of Alaska. Watch glaciers calve while aboard one of Alaska’s tour boats. See whales breech, puffins dive for food, and bald eagles and sea otters in their natural environment. Before leaving, you can hike in the wilderness or go souvenir shopping in the small towns and villages. Stepping aboard a tour boat is a great way to spend a day in Alaska, and a great way to see Alaska up close!

There are a variety of tours to suite your needs, whether it is a four and a half hour cruise or an eight-hour cruise.

A word of caution: It is very important to dress comfortably while taking a sightseeing tour on an Alaska tour boat. The weather in Alaska can be unpredictable, so a safe bet would be to dress in layers. Most Alaska tour boats have a heated indoor cabin, but it is always a good idea to dress warm with the ability to shed layers. Lunch and/or dinners are provided on some sightseeing cruises.