Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips

We target halibut on our Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips from the 1st of April through October. According to Alaska Fish & Game, the average weight of a sport caught halibut ranges from 25 lbs to 35 lbs.

Our average is considerably higher for our Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips. These giant flat fish can reach 450 lbs. The limit for halibut is 2 fish per person, per day with no annual limit. We fish for halibut in waters ranging from 20 feet to 400 feet, depending on where we find the largest fish and the tidal conditions.

Every year there are halibut caught weighing over 300 lbs, several over 200 lbs and numerous fish over a 100 lbs you just have to be the lucky one to get your bait in front of the right one. Most fish caught over 100 lbs is a female and are not as good eating as the smaller ones from 30 to 70 lbs but they sure do take nice pictures.

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